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 My name is Eszter Bagaméri, I am an agriculture engineer specialized in animal kept breeding at St. Stephen University.

I have given up my carreer as an actress from the time I realised animals are part of my future. For long I was preparing to become a vet, but I found myself in Gödöllö learning animal breeding that contributes happiness for me - for a life.

Our first dog, HCH Forestry Farm Onyx arrived to our life for breeding purposes from Monica Nemeth Marjai, many thanks to her for Molly. Molly has reached high results in the past years as a show dog.

As a breeder my aim is to maintain the versatility of border collies, esp. in show line. Most of working border collies can be seen herding the cattle in the UK, but unfortunately in Hungary very few border collies are active in herding.

I believe that priority should be given to breeding for the improvement of both working ability and appearance. It is a long way for me too, hopefully our litters would be the steps for this kind of improvement.

Most important for me that our dogs become part of the family, vital part of our life. I hope that our puppies would find their new homes with this same attitude.




Thundershire Kennel

Breeder: Bagaméri Eszter

Mobil phone: 0036703787381








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